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MatchesTrend specializes in manufacturing advertising matches, souvenir, cigar and fireplace matches utilizing your trade mark or using customer’s individual information.

MatchesTrend Company is submitted in the market of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and other countries of the former CIS.

The headquarter is placed in Odessa, Ukraine.

At the moment the company produces nine forms of advertising and souvenir matchboxes, two of cigar and one of fireplace ones. Our technical opportunities allow us to execute any individual order: the UV-varnish, the fifth paint, pantone, embossing, perforation , foil stamping, design cardboard, Silk screen printing, the individual form of a box.

MatchesTrend guarantees excellent quality since high-quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of matchboxes: the Finnish cardboard, glue; the unique patented technology of drawing striking surface on boxes is applied; matches are made of non-polluting wood. The print is carried out on our own polygraph equipment that gives us full control over production.

Our clients are famous Ukrainian and Russian international brands. Our prices correspond to quality. MatchesTrend is interested in dealers and partners.

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